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Apr 25, 2010 2:00pm EDT
killed in a mine explosion in west virginia. vice president biden will also be there. both men will meet privately with miners' families before the service and cnn will have special live coverage of the memorial starting at the top of the hour. >>> and those are the top stories. now back to "amanpour" in a minute. sfx: coin drop sfx: can shaking when you own a business, nothing beats the sound of saving time and money. and it's never been simpler to save - with regions lifegreen checkg and savings for business. you'll enjoy free online and mobile banking. and with regions quick deposit, you can deposit checks right from your desk. drop by and get started with a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhym of saving. regions it's time to expect more. >>> welcome back. his name is nick clegg. and suddenly he's an international phenomenon. he's the leader of britain's third ranking political party, the liberal democrats. and he's breaking the mold of traditional party politics with his performance on first ever tv debate in a uk ele
Apr 25, 2010 5:00pm EDT
miners are. how strong they need to be, in fact, to survive. mining is away of life in west virginia. and we deeply cherish that. those of us who live here. and we honor that profession. and people say, well, why do they go into those coal mines? they go into those coal mines to provide for their families, and in the process, they keep the lights on in america. [ applause ] but for the families, that means waiting each day, every day, for the sound of your loved one's footsteps on the front porch. it means waiting anxiously to hear that they have returned safely. every day. and the 29 families who one day never heard those footsteps knew what that terrible silence meant. it is almost too much to bear. so we ask why. why does this happen yet again? as the governor said, we will find out. we will learn exactly what happened. we will get answers. and we will pass legislation to meet the requirements of those answers. and we will do it for you, the miners, of west virginia and america. [ applause ] in closing, i should note that west virginia, all of west virginia, is in pain. and not wi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2